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Ketchikan’s Community Youth Center Project

Partner Letter of Support

Youth in Ketchikan report they are in need of trusted adults, access to support services, and a safe place to gather. Young people often feel unseen, unheard, and disconnected from the larger community. Ketchikan youth face many challenges made harder by our climate and geography as well as the siloed way we deliver support services. Community partners are working together to design a community youth center which will deliver services and support in a coordinated and collaborative way. This drop-in center is called SeaLevel. At SeaLevel, young people will be supported in the ways they need most, guiding them to build  a successful future for themselves and for the community. 


SeaLevel has a mission to provide a safe, welcoming space for Ketchikan youth, ages 15-21, with connections to a network of support services, youth programming, and caring adults. 


SeaLevel has a vision to ensure that each young person who comes through our doors feels valued, connected, and respected because we all benefit when young people are supported, engaged, and empowered. 


Partners believe:

A community youth center is necessary, particularly one that:

  • Becomes a hub for youth-serving entities to deliver support services in a coordinated and collaborative way;

  • Focuses on workforce development and employment readiness;

  • Provides on-site easy access to personalized support, embedded programs, and achievement services. 


Partnerships are critical to the success of the community youth center project, so partners will:

  • Contribute to programmatic planning and identify funding opportunities; 

  • Collaborate with other youth serving entities to amplify support services;

  • Participate in planning meetings and community conversations in support of the project;

  • Champion the project within the community to develop additional support and partnerships.


Community partnerships are critical to the success of this community youth center, as is the support of community stakeholders, agencies, organizations, businesses and individuals who believe in the power of this youth center project. Thank you for joining a movement to make SeaLevel a reality for the young people of Ketchikan. 


In signing below, you indicate that you support the creation of a community youth center, as listed above, and give RYC permission to use your name/logo for purposes pursuant to the community youth center project.

Happy group of friends

Join Us

Thank you for your support! 

If you would like to sign a hard copy, please reach out to
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